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How People Earn Money With Instagram Comments

As one of the most popular social networking platforms, Instagram has become a powerful tool for marketing and promoting products and services. A key element in any successful Instagram marketing campaign is engagement, and one way to encourage engagement is to buy Instagram comments.

There are a few different ways that people can make money by buying comments on Instagram. One way is to buy comments from real people who are interested in the product or service that is being promoted. These comments can be left on photos or videos that have been posted by the business or individual, and they can also be left on other people’s posts.

More Ways USA IG Comments Make Money

Another way to make money with Instagram comments is to buy them from fake accounts. These accounts are usually created by businesses or individuals who want to increase their own engagement on the platform. While these comments may not be from real people, they can still help to promote a product or service.

Finally, some businesses and individuals will buy Instagram comments from bots. These are computer programs that are designed to leave comments on posts. While these comments may not be from real people, they can still help to increase engagement.

No matter which method you choose to use, buying Instagram comments can be a great way to earn money with Instagram. By increasing your engagement, you can reach a wider audience and promote your products or services more effectively.…


How To Grow Your Account And Earn Money With Instagram 2020

Everyone wants to make money with Instagram because it is the social network of the moment. In it are the millennial and centennial generation, being very active audiences. So where do brands want to be and where can business be generated? On Instagram, of course.

Instagram was born as a simple platform to share photographs and, since its birth in 2010, until now, it has become a success. From here, I will explain how to grow your Instagram account and earn money with it in 2020.

It is the place where celebrities and ordinary people can show their profile without relying directly on the media or having a blog. Instagram has become a medium by itself, and becoming an influencer within this network is a challenge for many people.

With a little patience and perseverance, whoever proposes it can become an influencer and make their presence profitable in this network.

Of course, we must bear in mind that today there is more competition than a few years ago. Then, it is necessary to work very well on the profile, the information that is put, the hashtags that are chosen, the time of publication, and publish videos and images of very high quality.

Images and videos of very good quality

It is no longer worth a simple photo taken with the mobile to make money with your Instagram account and you wont get real active followers from that.

The photos are the soul of this platform, and if you want to stand out above the rest, you must worry about the quality of the images. These are the three important points:

  • Device for taking the photo: camera or mobile
  • Framing
  • Previous edition

You can take photos or videos with a mobile, but see that it has a quality camera. Or use a camera that brings that differential plus to your profile.

You should consider:

  • The megapixels are important for a good snapshot, but not tell the whole story.
  • Good light sensor. Size influences performance in low visibility conditions and in a better dynamic range.
  • Good lens.
  • The maximum aperture of the camera, which indicates the amount of light that can enter our sensor (f / 1.7 has more light than an f / 2.2).
  • The image processing.
  • See if the device has two rear cameras, it is the most advanced technology now and allows you to create wide-angle images, apart from other virguerías.

Think also of the frame of the image. It is important that the focus is on what you want to have the photo.

On the other hand, there is the previous edition of the photo before you publish it. Instagram offers several filters and parameters, but if you want to professionalize and monetize your Instagram account, it is better that you use professional applications. How:

  • It is a very useful and user-friendly tool. It allows quality photos to have a professional finish. You can touch up light and contrast, cover small details that you don’t like, and sort the folders by photographs.
  • The mother of all image editing programs. It is for advanced levels, but if you know how to use it, you can get real virguerías with your images.
  • This online application is very simple to use and allows you to quickly and intuitively frame the images, decide the size of the photo, add effects or texts, and put a filter.

Your profile as a brand exhibitor: choose a niche market

Having a general account is of little use today. Instagram has grown so much that highlighting has become more difficult.

To get attention and make a dent with your professional account and make it profitable, you must specialize in a niche market.

Being a very visual platform, above all accounts related to:

  • Animals / Pets
  • Shops / E-commerce to publicize the products/services
  • Brands (with a goal of branding, rather than final sales)
  • Kitchen / Restoration
  • Sport / wellness / being fit / dietary
  • Automotive
  • Architecture, design, illustration, and art
  • Travel, leisure, and hospitality
  • fashion
  • Beauty
  • Jewelry

Advertising on Instagram

There is more and more competition for organic followers on Instagram, and it is more difficult to differentiate and also monetize your own Instagram account, whether personal or business.

Sometimes, to earn money, you must invest money. Of course, intelligently and doing well.

An advertising campaign on Instagram can help us exponentially multiply the investment made. Getting to attract potential customers or followers to our account, depending on the objective.

We should not panic at the idea of ​​advertising since there is no minimum mandatory budget. If you want, you can start at $ 5 per day or $ 3,000 per month. It will depend on your decision and your possibilities.

Campaigns can be stopped and modified at any time. Everything is designed so that the advertising platform of Instagram and Facebook gives opportunities to young and old. Digital advertising is not just for big brands!

Sell your photos in image banks

If you want to make money with Instagram directly, you can upload part of your images that you have prepared for this network to an image bank and put a price on it.

With the rise of the internet and digital companies, the need for images has grown exponentially, and for this reason, the micro-stock portals emerged in early 2000.

It is a kind of low-cost image bank, where everything is based on the ability to take professional-type photographs and be patient to upload them to platforms such as Shutterstock and sort them according to the needs of the portal.

You take the picture, and they sell it. The fees are distributed in proportion, and whoever benefits most is the author.

An example is that for every 100 images, you can get to enter $ 400 a year, but if you regularly upload new ones, for about 1600 uploaded photos, you could get to enter 6400 dollars every year.